Your Houston’s Home Electrical System May Shock You!

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*Expert Electrical Troubleshooting In Houston*

Houston Electrical RepairsThe Houston area is wonderfully rich in history and culture. With our harbor, historical structures, and quaint shopping district, our homes often reflect the village like architecture of coastal waters. Homes built long ago in the area have been updated over the years, but many still need some attention-especially when it comes to the electrical systems in the home.

In such an area, many homes are older, and being so they probably still have the older, original wiring. If you suspect or know that your home or business has old wiring or breaker boxes, please give us a call today to schedule an inspection. Old wiring is dangerous and can produce problems such as sparks or electrical shocks.

How To Tell If Your Home Needs Electrical Inspection

We want you and your family or friends to be as safe as possible in your homes. An inspection of your current wiring and electrical systems is vital.

Bad electrical connections and wiring is a major cause of house fires. Nearly every older home should have the electrical system inspected if it hasn’t been done. Even if your property was inspected officially prior to your purchasing it, the inspector may not have been thorough and they may not have paid attention to the latest safety codes in your area.

You can tell a home’s wiring needs attention if you have problems with lights flickering, loose outlets that won’t hold an appliance plug, breakers that continue to trip, or visibly frayed, cut, or exposed wiring.

There are so many issues with older wiring that can cause a fire or electrical shock, and many may not be visible. Most of your Houston electrical system is unseen, hidden behind the other building materials of your home. In general, wiring is located in your attic and walls, but may be in other areas as well.

Expert Electrical Troubleshooters In Houston And Surrounding Areas

Don’t wait until there is a problem you can see, let us come find any issues you may have before you or your home is in danger. Electrical problems in Houston often require troubleshooting to find the issues. We know all about electricity, how it runs through your electrical system, all the components and how they work, and where exactly to find the problems that cause you or your home dangerous risks.

Whether it is replacement of old wiring, a loose connection at the outlets, the wrong type of outlets installed, improperly done previous electrical repairs, or breaker box issues, we can fix the problems for you before they become a life threatening issue. Electric City offers full electrical service to the Long Island area.

We also offer 24/7 emergency service in Houston when you have an electrical concern. Just give us a call any time and we’ll find your problems fast and advise you with expert advice on what needs to be done to make your home safe!

If you are looking for a professional home electrical system in Houston, give us a call today at 832-724-1781 or fill out our online request form.