Whole House Surge Protection Installation Services In Houston

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Houston Whole House Surge ProtectionMore and more homeowners in the Houston area are learning about the value of whole home surge protection. Relying on power strip surge protection is grossly inefficient since surges can happen along any line in your home, whether it’s through your cable, TV, Internet, or Telephone wiring. Surges can also vary in strength, depending on how your home’s electrical systems are set up and whether or not there is any need for panel or wiring upgrades or repairs.

If you’ve ever had an expensive electronic device destroyed due to a power surge, you know how frustrating and damaging it can be to your equipment as well as your electrical wiring system. If you’re really familiar with how surges travel along any line in your home, you know you can’t count on the portable power strip type surge protectors because all your home’s equipment and wiring systems are vulnerable to surges.

Old wiring, outdated panel box, old wiring, bad wiring, bad connections, and more can increase your risk for fire, shocks, and energy wastage. Fitting your home with surge protection will protect all of your home’s appliances and electrical devices, as well as your electrical wiring systems.

Why Worry About Power Surges?

Homeowners often don’t understand how important it is to install whole house surge protection in their homes. With this installation, the entire home is protected from surges. Literally, a surge can travel through one wiring circuit and completely burn out everything in its path, destroying thousands of dollars worth of expensive appliances or electronics as well as the entire line of wire, outlets, and switches. But worst of all, a power surge can shock you, causing instant death.

Any number of causes can be involved, including ants getting into your outdoor panel box, power line surges from electrical storms, appliance overloads, and more. Frequent surges are a sign that you need an electrical inspection done as well so the source of the problem can be found and cured.

Why Choose Electric City For Your Whole House Surge Protection Services?

Over the last decade, our skilled Houston electricians have helped homeowners install whole house surge protection. We’d love the opportunity to assist you as well. At Electric City, you’ll always know you have a team of professionals here to serve you with honesty and professionalism in everything we do. We offer 24 hour electrical repair services too, so call us anytime you need a reliable Houston electrician.

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