4 Reasons Why You Should Have A Backup Generator For Winter

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Houston Home Backup GeneratorsNow that winter is finally here, and starting to settle in, you might be giving a lot more thought to your home’s heating system and its health by your Houston electrician. While you have probably heard that you need to have your home’s heating system inspected and maintained by a professional at least once per year to make sure your system is running efficiently, many homeowners overlook all the benefits they stand to gain by investing in a backup home generator. Having a home generator during the summertime can mostly be a matter of convenience unless you lose power in the wake of a particularly nasty storm. During the wintertime when it’s freezing outside, having a working heating unit can be extremely important, especially in the wake of a winter storm that leaves you without power. To help you with the decision of whether or not you should invest in this, we have put together a short list of the benefits having a backup generator can have for your home.

Have A Backup Heating Source

While this is probably the most obvious point, it is also quite possibly the most important. If your home’s heating system breaks down in the middle of winter, you will want to make sure you have the number of a reliably heating service professional, but if you lose power during the middle of a cold winter night, no heating technician, no matter how good they are, is going to be able to help. During these instances, having a backup generator for your home to restore power can actually be a lifesaving piece of equipment.

Continue Running Your Business

If you have a small business or if you work as a freelancer out of your home, it can be extremely important to have a backup generator in the event that you lose power. Having a backup generator for your home or business can allow you to keep working or avoid closing down in the event that your area loses power. A power outage can be extremely costly to a small business or to anyone who does freelance work for a living, so why take the chance?

Keep Essential Appliances Running

The most important appliance in many homes is going to be the refrigerator. Groceries are not cheap, especially if you have a stock of milk, cheese, or meats, and when the power goes out for any length of time, you could be looking at a lot of wasted money if your refrigerator heats up and your food spoils. Making sure you have a backup generator for your home can help you rest easy knowing that you won’t have to throw out an entire refrigerator full of food if the power goes out for any extended period of time. It is also a great way to make sure that your mobile devices, home security systems, or essential medical equipment has the power it needs to keep functioning when the power goes out.

Keep Your Sump Pump Running

If your home has a basement and you lose power in the middle of a storm, that means your sump pump will no longer be working along with the rest of the powered devices in your home. This can be a real headache when it results in a flooded basement. Water damage isn’t cheap to repair, and can lead to a lasting nightmare as it is extremely difficult to isolate and repair water damage without finding other areas it has spread to. Having a backup generator ensures that even if your power goes out during the pouring rain, your sump pump will continue to keep your basement dry and keep your belongings safe.

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