Why You Need A Houston Generator

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Houston Generators

How dependent are you on your source of electrical power? Think about it.

  • How inconvenienced would your family become if your food spoiled?
  • Do you rely on refrigerated medications?
  • What about other appliances and utilities such as heating and cooling?

A power outage could be a disastrous occurrence in your home. Certified electricians ca help with such a calamity.

Consider purchasing a residential Houston generator to solve your energy problems before they happen. Not all homeowners have standby, residential generators; some consider such an entity a want rather than a need.

Again, consider your predicament if a blackout or power outage should occur – won’t you ‘need’ power? A hot tub, second television, or a pool table may be a peripheral need or ‘want’, yet a dependable, backup source of power is considered a need by many.

How it works

A residential generator works within a system involving it, your home’s main source of electrical energy, and a monitoring switch. When a power outage occurs, an energy switch will send a signal to the residential generator, alerting it of the energy predicament. Within less than a minute, your backup source of energy will supply your home with the power it needs to run its utilities and devices.

When your power is restored, the monitor switch will send another signal to the residential Houston generator. The secondary generator will turn off and your home’s main source of electrical energy resumes. The switch allows for only one source of electrical energy to run at once. The process is as simple as it is vital.

Is a supplemental power generator really viable for a residential home?

To put it simply – yes, it is very viable. There was a point when huge, expensive, and noisy generators were sought by businesses and farm owners. Within recent years, technology has enabled generators to become smaller, quieter, economical, and completely sensible for residential use.

Residential generators are proportioned in relation to their provision of kilowatts as well as the square footage of your home. In general, generators start at about 3 kilowatts, while bigger systems can provide over 45 kilowatts of energy.

Depending on your individual needs, you can purchase a Houston residential generator that can provide and maintain the basic use of lighting and refrigeration. Larger systems can continue the usage of all a residence’s appliances and utilities such as heating and cooling.

Think about the benefits

Wouldn’t you enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that if an unfortunate occurrence should arise, you and your family will be unaffected? Are you or loved ones dependent on refrigerated medications?

Do you feel safer in your home knowing your home security system is actively running? These are questions you should ask yourself now before it is too late. A Houston residential generator from Electric City will ensure your family is protected from a power outage and your household can continue to function as usual.


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