Houston Specialty Receptacles

 Houston Specialty Receptacles

It may seem difficult to take care of something as niche as Houston specialty receptacles but that's just because you have not yet met the dream team at Electric City. Electrical outlets or receptacles can come in many different varieties. From the standard outlet to child proof or to the high voltage appliance outlets used for refrigerators and clothes dryers.

Whatever the type of receptacle you need in your Houston home, Electric City can install it. Our Houston electricians have the knowledge and experience to install or repair any electrical receptacle in your home. It is essential that you get the most professional team on your side when it comes to any type of electrical work for your home or business.

If handled improperly, electric wiring can have disastrous results. Too many times the problem isn't even discovered until later, down the line when a fire breaks out. Don't cut corners or take chances when it comes to your electricity; trust the Electric City name for this important work.

Specialty Receptacles in Houston

These types of receptacles are what give life to all of your appliances but it is essential to make sure you use the right type of receptacle for your needs. Some of working with the right professional means getting the assistance you need in choosing just the right receptacle. There are plenty to choose from but it is about knowing which one works best for what you need.

At Electric City we are not just here to do the work, we are here to offer guidance and advice. It is important to be able to educate our customers about electricity. There are so many things that can wrong and we are just proud to be able to be there for you to count on when it comes to such an important topic.

Houston Specialty Receptacles

Some of what we can take care of for you today includes:

  • 240 Volt Receptacles

  • 2 Duplex Receptacles

  • Floor Outlets

  • Rotating Outlets

  • Recessed Outlets

  • GFCI Outlets

  • Combination Switch Outlets

  • Plus so much more

Or maybe you are planning to build on your outdoor entertaining space and need to think about kitchens and entertainment. Well we can help you to determine what is right for your needs and then help you make the right decisions. But it is of the utmost importance to only work with someone who has the training, experience and licensing to get the job done.

For your Houston specialty receptacles, make sure you trust the Electric City team to get the job done. We are as concerned about your safety and wellbeing as you are.

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