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To avoid fire hazards in your home, it’s important to repair and replace wiring as soon as there is an issue. Call us for 24-hour services in Katy, TX.

Do you have aluminum wiring in your home or business? If so, it may be time to replace it. This type of wiring can cause a fire hazard. To have your Katy, TX home or business’ wiring inspected and possibly replaced, call Electric City. A family-owned business, we offer fast, dependable and on-time services!

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What You Need to Know About Aluminum Wiring

If your residence or building is older, it may have been built with aluminum wiring. While this might be sufficiently providing electricity to your home or business, it can also be putting your entire household at risk. Aluminum wiring can encounter problems with expansion that can cause overheating at connections between the wires and devices.

Here’s what you need to know about aluminum wiring:

  • Because aluminum wiring is soft, it can become brittle and more prone to oxidation, which can cause electrical fires.
  • This softness can also cause the wires to get cut or crushed during renovation projects, such as removing insulation. Damaged wires can create hot spots, which can lead to overheating.
  • Properties with aluminum wiring are 55 percent more likely to have a fire than those with copper wiring.
  • The termination points pose more of a risk than the wiring. Once the wiring oxidizes, arcing can occur, which can lead to overheating and fire.
  • When aluminum wiring rusts it develops a white oxide that can interfere with the electrical flow and lead to overheating.

Benefits of Replacing Aluminum Wiring with Copper

To avoid potential fire risks in your home or business, you can replace aluminum wiring with copper wiring. Some of the benefits of installing copper wiring can include:

  • Copper wiring has a high resistance to heat and can help prevent overloading and melting.
  • This wiring is very thin, allowing it to be easily bent or twisted without worrying about it breaking or suffering damage.
  • Copper wiring is resistant to corrosion and rusting.
  • This wiring is easy to install and work with.

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Signs Your Aluminum Wiring Needs to Be Replaced

Aluminum wiring can pose a fire hazard and should be replaced in your home or business. Other reasons to replace the wiring can include:

  • Lights dim or brighten periodically.
  • You smell burning plastic.
  • You see sparks, flames or smoke.
  • You see signs of the wires overheating.
  • You see scorching around or behind the face plate.
  • The face plate or its screws become hot to the touch.
  • Lights flicker, indicating a possible issue with a connection.
  • If you notice bad connections. This can pose a fire risk.

If you encounter any of these issues you should call an electrical contractor immediately for assistance.

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