Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter Services in Katy

Don’t put your home and your family at risk with bad outlets. Follow modern electrical safety requirements and protect your home or business from dangerous arcing.

Faulty wiring and broken outlets are just a couple of ways you could be at risk for a fire. To protect your house and your family, it’s important to follow modern electrical codes and install ARC protection outlets. When you need to make these upgrades to your Katy, TX home or business, trust Electric City. A family-owned business, we offer 24-hour services and guarantee our clients’ satisfaction.

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What Are AFCI or ARC Protection Outlets?

While many homeowners may think circuit breakers protect their household and their home from electrical arcs -- and potential fires -- these units only protect against electrical overloads and short circuits. Instead, arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCI), or ARC protection devices, detect arcs and help prevent fires in your home. Modern electrical codes require ARC protection devices to be installed in most rooms of your home. If you need ARC protection devices installed, call Electric City to have our contractors perform the work.

Benefits of ARC Protection

ARC protection devices can help protect your home or business from potential fire dangers. They can also offer these advantages:

  • They can detect arc faults before they spark a fire
  • They protect the wiring in the event of an arc fault
  • They improve the safety of your home and your family

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Causes of Common Outlet Issues

We rely heavily on electrical outlets to keep our appliances and devices running. Because of this, it’s important to keep them functioning safely at all times. Some issues you might encounter with these outlets that will require repairs can include:

  • Short circuiting: Exposed wiring or loose connections can cause short circuiting - which can potentially lead to a fire.
  • Water damage: If moisture is detected near the outlet, a GFCI outlet will cut power to it.
  • Age: Wear and tear can take a toll on outlets, requiring them to be replaced after time.
  • Faulty installation: Having outlets installed by someone other than a professional can put the outlets - and your home - at risk.
  • Overloading: Plugging too much into an outlet - accounting for more wattage than the outlet can handle - can create a fire risk.

When you need ARC protection, call Electric City at 832-724-1781. We provide 24-hour electrical services in Katy, TX.