Meter Enclosure Installation Services in Katy

When you need your meter enclosure replaced, call us for installation services in Katy, TX.

You likely don’t think about your property’s meter enclosure often -- until you are alerted that you need to replace it. This notification can come from the utility company or the city, or you may need to install a new one during a remodel of your home or business. When the time comes, leave the work to the experts. Call Electric City for services in Katy, TX. We guarantee 100% satisfaction to our customers.

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What You Need to Know About Your Meter Base

Your meter base is typically located outside your house, between the utility company’s wires and the electrical system for your home. This device calculates the amount of electricity used by your household so the electric company can determine how much to charge you each month. Occasionally you might be asked by the utility company or the city to replace this meter enclosure. The reasons can vary, but it can be due to new code requirements, an outdated unit, and more.

Signs Your Meter Enclosure Needs Repairs

You likely don’t check the condition of your meter enclosure often, but if it’s not functioning properly it can cause risks for your household. Some issues that can indicate the unit needs repairs can include:

  • Flickering lights in your home
  • Appliances that won’t turn on
  • Faulty wiring
  • Meter is hot to the touch
  • A partial power outage in some parts of your home

Issues with your meter enclosure can pose dangers to your family and house. If you notice any symptoms you should call a professional immediately to inspect the problem.

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Reasons to Replace Your Meter Enclosure

From time-to-time you might have to replace your meter enclosure. This request can come from your utility company or your city.

Some reasons that might require you to install a new meter enclosure can include:

  • If the unit is outdated and is no longer up to the most current safety codes.
  • If you upgrade your electrical panel you might also need to replace your meter enclosure.
  • If the unit has suffered damage due to weather or other issues.
  • The unit has a wiring issue.
  • The meter base is starting to corrode.

Leave the replacement of your meter base to the experts. Call Electric City at 832-724-1781 for services in Katy, TX.