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When you have an electrical issue -- from an emergency to a routine repair -- call us. We provide 24-hour electrical services to Katy, TX & West Houston area.

We rely greatly on electricity in our homes and businesses to enable us to use appliances, electronics, HVAC systems, security systems, lights and more. When the electrical system in your home or business needs repairs, it’s important to get it fixed quickly to avoid potentially dangerous risks, like fire. When you need repairs, call Electric City. We offer 24-hour electrical services to the Katy, TX & West Houston area.

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Are Your Lights Flickering? You Need Emergency Electrical Services

Flickering lights in your home or business might not seem like a serious issue, but it can require emergency electrical repairs. When power is inconsistent to an appliance or light fixture, it can indicate a more serious electrical issue. One potential problem is faulty wiring. This can cause electric shocks or even a fire in your home or business. Instead of putting your house and your family at risk, call an electrician for emergency repair services.

Maintain Your Electrical Outlets Through These Steps

When we plug devices into outlets around our house we rarely think about if we’re properly maintaining the outlets. However, just like other appliances, outlets need to be maintained as well. To keep your outlets functioning, follow these tips:

  • When inserting plugs into outlets, do so gently to minimize the wear and tear.
  • Shut off small appliances, lamps and electronics before unplugging them.
  • Unplug items from an outlet by pulling by the plug, not the cord.
  • Don’t overload an outlet with extension cords, appliances with faulty wiring and multi-way plugs.
  • Have your outlets inspected by an electrical contractor to ensure they are fully functioning.

Don’t delay having your electrical problems fixed due to fear of the bill. Instead, ask us about our financing options.

How to Select the Right Generator for Your Home or Business

Does your home or business lose power during blackouts and power outages? To avoid an interruption in your electricity you can install a generator to backup your property’s power source. When determining which type of generator to purchase, you should consider the following:

  • Determine which electrical items you need to work in a power outage
  • Ensure you get a unit that functions in high temperatures in case you lose power in the summer months. This will allow your AC unit to keep functioning during a blackout to keep the temperature and the humidity down.
  • Make sure the generator can power your refrigerator to avoid losing perishables during an outage.
  • Figure out how many total watts of electricity you need the generator to provide to ensure you purchase the right sized unit.
  • Determine how much money you want to spend on a system.

When you need electrical repairs in your home or business, call Electric City at 832-724-1781 for 24-hour services in Katy, TX & West Houston area.