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Looking for a trustworthy electrician in your area? Call Electric City at (832) 724-1781 and see why we’re Katy, TX’s #1 choice for professional electrical services.

Finding a dependable electrical here in Katy TX company just got a little easier! When you choose Electric City, you won’t have to worry whether or not the work will be done properly. We stand behind all our work; in fact, we have a lifetime warranty on everything we do so you can be sure that you’ll never regret your choice in us!

Top quality workmanship is our highest priority. Why? Because your safety is at stake! Rest easy working with us on circuit breakers, LED lighting, panel upgrades, and any other electrical services you might need. There’s nothing like a quality team on hand ensuring that your family is out of harm’s way.

Locally & Family Owned
You’ll be treated like family when you choose Electric City. Enjoy honest service carried out by professionals that live and work in your community.
Trustworthy Technicians
Working with licensed, insured electricians that have been drug tested and background checked provides peace of mind for you.
24-Hour Live Answer
Electrical problems can happen at any time. Luckily, our team is standing by to take your call no matter when you need us.

Your Full-Service Electrical Company

There’s no need to fear with the pros at Electric City just a phone call away! With our 24-hour live answer, we’re ready to drive out at any time in case of any electrical emergency you might experience. Even better, our slogan isn’t just there for show—when we say we have a lifetime warranty on everything we do, we mean it! Don’t be afraid to reach out to us again if things still aren’t up to your standards!
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Why Electric City?

There’s nothing worse than a lack of electrical help when you need it most, so enjoy hassle-free service when you choose Electric City. That means easy scheduling, flat-rate pricing, and professional electricians that complete all work quickly and accurately. There’s no one quite like us when it comes to quality service!

Same Day Service

When you call before 10 AM, we’ll be there the same day if that’s your preference!

Straightforward Pricing

You’ll know the full price upfront so there are never any surprises.

Good Hands Guarantee

If we can’t fix the problem, you won’t pay a penny. We’ll also put you in contact with someone that can help you.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Enjoy straightforward pricing explained before any work begins. There are no surprises when you work with us!

Latest Technology

You won’t be able to tell we were working in your home. We will leave it as clean or cleaner than we found it, guaranteed!


Looking for a trustworthy electrician in your area? Call Electric City at (832) 724-1781 and see why we’re Katy, TX’s #1 choice for professional electrical services.

  • Q: What electrical services do you provide?
    We work on everything electrical in your home or business, whether it’s a switch that doesn't work, or a breaker box that needs to be replaced; a light that you want installed, or new landscape lighting our techs are trained to handle any problem your home’s electrical system might face - WE DO IT ALL!
  • Q: How much does it cost to hire an electrician?
    This is a great question, and to answer simply... We Value Your Dollar. We give you the final price before we do anything, we back everything with a 100% Lifetime Warranty on BOTH parts and labor and we offer our Price Match Guarantee to make sure you're getting the best service for your dollar! (Offer Only Valid Before We Start Work)
  • Q: When can you get here?
    No waiting around all day! We have small time scheduling windows and with our 24-hour live answer, we’re available at any time of the day! Nobody gets there faster than Electric City! Call Us Now!
  • Q4: How much should I worry about flickering lights?
    It depends. Lights can flicker for multiple reasons, some serious and others not. For example, it’s normal for lights to dim or flicker when large appliances in the home are turned on, since they draw plenty of power in to get started. But if this is a consistent issue throughout the home, it could be caused by a defective electrical panel or some other issue throughout the system. In that case, it would be a good idea to call a pro for help!
  • Q5: What does it mean for my circuit breaker to trip?
    Circuit breakers protect wires by limiting how much of the electrical current in a home flows through them. When they don’t do their job, wires can overheat and even cause fires, so it’s crucial for breakers to fit their wires correctly. So when your circuit breaker trips, the reason is likely that it gets overloaded. A good fix is to use less electricity from that circuit to lower the load, which means unplugging something or using less appliances at once. Another solution is to simply add another circuit, doubling the load your system can take. In either case, it’s always good to call an expert for advice.
  • Q6: What if my circuit breaker doesn’t reset?
    If a circuit overloads, there is a chance that it won’t reset upon tripping. Should this happen repeatedly, the electrical system definitely needs service from a licensed technician, as it could signal a short circuit or a problem with the breaker itself.
  • Q7: How do I reset a circuit breaker?
    First, push it into the “off” position to the left, and then to the “on” position to the right. It needs to be turned off before it can be turned on as opposed to simply turned on right after a circuit breaker trip, otherwise it won’t work properly.
  • Q8: What is a GFCI, and are they important?
    A GFCI, or a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, stops electrocution in places that could be exposed to water, or places that are underground. It is incredibly important to keep your home safe from electrical accidents.
  • Q9: What should I do if my power goes out?
    If the power only goes out in certain parts of your house, it might be time to check the electrical panel for a blown fuse or tripped circuit. Either of these is a sign that there may be an overload in the system or the result of a defective appliance. In any case, you should reset the tripped circuit or, in the case of a blown fuse, call an electrician. Should the power be out throughout the home, it could signal a problem with the electrical panel itself, or even the main breaker. Either of these issues could mean a wider problem with your electrical system. If the main breaker is tripped, you should turn off all other circuit breakers before restarting that one, otherwise it could lead to severe damage.
  • Q10: Why should I upgrade my electrical system?
    When you upgrade your electrical system, it means you can start using more power in your home. This is especially important for older homes that were built with less capacity in mind. Now, with all our modern applications, having enough electricity for everything a household needs for daily life takes more power than ever. If your home is older than 25 years, this means that your electrical panel might be due for an upgrade.
  • Q11: What signs of electric trouble should I look for?
    Some straightforward signs of electric trouble include dimming light and frequent circuit breaker trips. These can come from electric accidents, but they can also be a result of the electrical system aging out. The average electrical panel will last 25-35 years, so if yours is reaching that age it might be time to consider a replacement. Luckily, this doesn’t need to mean a giant, whole-house replacement; the panel in itself is a massive upgrade that can benefit the entire home.
  • Q12: How long will it take to upgrade my electrical panel?
    The process usually takes no longer than a day. Any additional work, like adding circuits or changing switches, might stretch the process out for longer. In either case, Our techs will not let you go to bed without power. We’ll shut the electricity off early in the morning and bring it back by the end of the day.
  • Q13: How much will it cost to update my electrical system?
    The cost of upgrading your electrical system varies depending on the location of your panel, city and district requirements, how long it takes to get the permit and inspect the system, and other factors. Prices can range from around $2,000 to $8,000 depending on the service. Very low prices should be something to watch out for, as the parts required to do this work are costly and the work should only be performed by experts who won’t cut corners.
  • Q14: Does my house need rewiring?
    Not all homes need to have their entire system rewired, as even older ones are perfectly functional. The best way to determine if your home needs rewiring is to get a professional electrician to inspect your system. They can tell the difference between a home that needs drastic rewiring service and one which only needs a minor upgrade to solve any current issue.
  • Q15: Will you cut a hole in my wall to get to the wiring?
    Some holes are unavoidable when working with an electric system. Still, experienced electricians like ours know plenty of tricks to avoid cutting into your walls, and when they do they can often avoid creating large holes that can’t be patched easily. Our techs will always be sure to leave your home spotless, always patching any part of your wall they needed to get through to reach the wires.
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You deserve quality electrical care, but we believe you shouldn’t have to overpay for it. That’s why we offer ways to save. Our online coupons are updated periodically, so check back often for instant savings.

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Good technicians are hard to get, especially for such a dangerous prospect as your home’s electricity. That’s why the pros at Electric City are just a call away! Call them at (832) 724-1781 for expert electrical service! Never settle for less than the best! Call Electric City at (832) 724-1781 for fast, same-day service!

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