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Outdoor and Patio LightingLifetime Warranty on Everything We Do!
Outdoor and Patio LightingLifetime Warranty on Everything We Do!
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Outdoor Lighting Services in Katy, TX

Upgrade your yard and improve your safety with outdoor lighting.

Adding outdoor lighting to your property can make your yard an inviting space where you want to spend time, as well as improve your safety. Having electrical contractors add motion-activated lighting, sensor lights, patio lights, and more can transform your yard and deter trespassers. Let the experts at Electric City install your new lights to the highest weather-safety codes and standards for durable, safe installations that can withstand the elements. We provide fast, dependable, and on-time electrical services to the Katy, TX area.

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Benefits of Security Lighting

Having a dark yard with plenty of shadowy spaces for intruders to hide can put your family’s safety at risk. To reduce this risk, install security lighting. This type of lighting can enhance the outdoor appearance of your home or business while providing a functional purpose of making your property more secure. Some of the advantages of security lighting can include:

Deters burglars, vandals, and intruders from targeting your home or business.

Discourages critters from hanging out on your property or getting into unwanted places—like your trash.

Allows your household and guests to easily move around your property without the threat of tripping or falling in the dark.

Types of Patio Lighting

Installing lights around your patio can create an inviting outdoor space. When selecting lights you have several options with various functions. Some types of lights you can choose from include:


These are lights that point in one direction, allowing you to focus on a particular feature of your yard, like a statue, plant, wall, or other object.

Flood Lights

These are typically used to brighten large areas, such as a patio or a driveway, from above.

Up/Down Lights

These are types of spotlights that can be moved up or down to focus on a particular area of your yard.

Step Lights

These are types of spotlights that can be moved up or down to focus on a particular area of your yard.

Garden Lights

These allow you to show off your plants. These lights typically shine downwards and out to gently illuminate the desired area.

Bollard Lights

These posts with a light on the top can shine in all directions to light up an area.

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Where to Install Motion Activated Lighting

Motion lights can help keep your home or business secure by turning on lights when motion is detected. For enhanced security, we recommend calling a  professional to install motion activated lighting in the following areas:


Placing lights in the garage will help deter criminals from entering your garage and stealing potentially expensive items. Practically, they will also enable you to work in your garage with the convenience of having lights turn on when you enter.


Motion activated lights will light up the walkways for your household and guests to increase their safety, as well as deter intruders.

House Entrances

If burglars are trying to break into your home or business, having lights in all entrances, including windows, can help scare them off.

Gardens, Pools, and Open Areas

If an intruder activates a security light, they might try to hide in other areas of your property, including the garden or near the pool. Having lights in these areas can help expose them.

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