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Indoor LED Lighting & DimmersLifetime Warranty on Everything We Do!
Indoor LED Lighting & DimmersLifetime Warranty on Everything We Do!
led lighting services katy tx

LED Lighting & Dimmers in Katy, TX

Transform your rooms with updated LED lighting and dimmers.

Lighting can add dramatic and calming effects to rooms in your home or business. When you need a change, call Electric City. We can install recessed lighting, dimmers, and more to give your property the look and feel you desire. Learn more about the benefits of dimmers and LED lighting below. Contact Katy’s best electricians today!

Avoid a Blackout in Your Home or Business With a Generator

Learn about our whole house generator services.

Benefits of LED Lighting

LED light bulbs can have many benefits for your property—and your checkbook. Some of the advantages can include:

More Efficiency

LED light bulbs use less power than incandescent bulbs, resulting in lower energy bills.

Longer Lifespan

LED bulbs have a larger lifespan than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, which can lower your maintenance and replacement costs.


LED bulbs don’t generate as much heat as other bulbs, reducing the risk of burns and potential fires.

Environmentally Friendly

LEDs are made of non-toxic materials, which are safer for the environment than other types.

More Variety

LEDs come in a variety of colors, giving you more options when selecting lights and bulbs.

More Indoor Lighting Options

If you’re considering indoor lighting options, check out our recessed can lighting services as well.

Why You Should Install Dimmer Lights in Your Home or Business

Adding dimmers to your home or business can provide the flexibility and energy savings you’re looking for. Dimmable LED lights can provide the following:

Energy Savings

When you dim the lights in your home or business, you reduce the amount of power you use.

Longer Lifespan

These bulbs last longer because dimming places less stress on them.

Improve Your Health

Dimming the lights in the evening can help improve your sleep cycles as the dimming can mimic the setting sun.

Improve the Look of the Room

Dimmed lights can make a room feel more inviting and calming.


Dimmers can be a very affordable addition to your property. Ask your electrical contractor for advice on which model will work best for your home or business.

Looking for New Lighting in Your Home or Business?

Call Electric City at 832-724-1781 to have LED lighting installed and more in Katy, TX.