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Main Service Panel Upgrades & RepairsLifetime Warranty on Everything We Do!
Main Service Panel Upgrades & RepairsLifetime Warranty on Everything We Do!
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Electrical Panels in Katy, TX

When your electrical panel malfunctions, you need quality repairs and upgrades as soon as possible.

Your main electrical service panel is the central distribution point for delivering electricity from the utility company to your switches, outlets, and appliances in your home or business.  A faulty electrical panel will not just damage your appliances connected to it, but can also pose a significant safety hazard to your family or team.  If your service panel is over 20 years old, you might need to upgrade your main electrical panel. Call Electric City today to have one of our expert electricians take a look at your panel to discuss repairs or upgrades, and which option is best for you.

Have You Recently Added a Pool, Hot Tub, or EV Charger?

You may need to update or install a new meter enclosure.

When to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

When your home was built, the electrical contractor had to calculate an Electrical Load Analysis” to know how much power you need for your home. This is done so you don’t overload your system.

In older homes, it’s common for the original service capacity to be undersized for all the needs of our modern appliances and features we now rely on every day.

Most homes have a capacity between 100-200 amps. Some larger homes will have a 400 amp electrical service.

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How do you know if your current system is adequate or how do you plan for the future?

Determining this requires a load analysis to be performed on your home. Electric City performs this service quite often to ensure that you have the available capacity and do not have to worry about overloading your system.

The experts at Electric City will go through your electrical system, add up all the things you currently have connected to your system and make sure you aren’t in danger of exceeding your electrical capacity. The goal is to stay under 80%. Just like your car, you don’t want to run it at full throttle. Your electrical system likes the same. Everything stays cooler and runs better if it’s not pushed to the limit.

A new pool

New hot tub

A new or upgraded AC unit

Electric car charger

Instant water heaters

Adding new electrical appliance, such as a dryer or range or oven

Converting a garage to a livable space or workshop

When adding power to sheds or other buildings on your property

Planning For The Future

You may want to oversize your system if you know you will be adding anything listed above.  In the long run, you will save more money and time this way.  At Electric City, we want our customers to know where your electrical system is at, “electrically”, that way you know for sure your system is good or needs upgrading.

Common Electrical Panel Issues

When your electrical panel starts to malfunction it’s important to get it repaired as soon as possible. Some of the more common issues you might encounter include:


If your property is older, it might not have sufficient amps in the electrical panel. This could mean you have a crowded panel where double-tapped breakers with multiple wires are connected to the same breaker.

Insufficient Capacity

If you experience power surges and flickering lights, it could mean that the electrical panel is too small for your home and power needs.


Any signs of rust, water damage, or other forms of corrosion should be inspected by a professional and dealt with to prevent safety issues.


Poor electrical connections increase the resistance to the flow of electrical current, resulting in the generation of heat


If you hear a buzzing noise, don’t try to fix this problem on your own. Loose wires can produce electrical arcs. You will want to stay away from those!

Ozone Burning Smell

A burning smell usually means there’s a loose wire to a circuit breaker or failure of the circuit breaker itself, causing it to overheat and melt.

Does Your Pool Need Electrical Upgrades?

Learn about our pool and hot tub wiring services.

What to Expect During an Electrical Inspection

With a trained eye and many years of experience, we are able to diagnose any electrical issues you have and then safely and expertly correct them and prevent future electrical problems. When you schedule a service call with Electric City, you can expect us to perform the following at your home or business:

Check the electrical meter

Inspect the cables entering your house

Examine the grounding system

Check the electrical panel

Check for updated fire and shock protection

Inspect the general condition of the electrical wiring

Look for any signs of overheating

Look for surge protection at the main service panel

Call Electric City Today

When you need your electric panels upgraded or repaired, call Electric City at 832-724-1781 for 24-hour services in Katy, TX.