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Generator ServicesLifetime Warranty on Everything We Do!
Generator ServicesLifetime Warranty on Everything We Do!

Standby Generator Services in Katy, TX

Don’t get left in the dark during a power outage. Call Electric City to install your generator today!

Losing power for even a few hours can be disruptive. No AC. No heat. No internet. A fridge or freezer full of food costs a lot to replace. The experts at Electric City can make sure you never have to live through such an experience by installing a standby generator to run your whole home or just the things you feel that are most important to you. So many people work from home these days and need uninterrupted power to earn income for their families. Electric City is an authorized Generac dealer and ready to answer all your generator questions. Call Electric City today if you want to find out how a standby generator can benefit you and keep you comfortable every day of the year!

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Benefits of Installing a Whole House Generator

Power outages can quickly cause a major inconvenience for your home. They can leave your house uncomfortable in the absence of an HVAC system, cause items in your refrigerator or freezer to spoil, can put your safety at risk, and more. To avoid these problems, it’s important to have a functioning whole house generator. Some of the advantages include:

Automatic Power

Within seconds, power is back on. Even if you are not home, your fridge and freezer stay cold.

Better Functionality

Standby generators can be partial home or whole home – you decide how much you want your generator to run

Peace of Mind

No need to store fuel – or get more fuel when gas stations are out of power too


Within seconds you have the power to charge your electric car.

Stay Warm

A standby generator will keep your house warm and your water pipes from freezing and bursting

Longer Run Time

Natural gas or propane – either one will run longer than portable generators

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What to Know When Selecting a Generator for Your Home

When buying a generator for your property, you have many sizes, makes, and models to choose from. Before selecting a unit you should consider the following:

Determine which electrical appliances and devices you need to function during a blackout.

Ensure the unit can work in various temperatures, including extreme heat. In the summer you will need a unit that can keep the air conditioner running to keep the humidity levels down in your house.

Make sure the unit can keep your refrigerator running during the power outage to protect your perishables.

Determine the total watts of electricity the generator will need to provide to decide what size of unit you need.

Decide your budget for the unit.

Need Help to Assess Your Home’s Generator Needs?

Our team is here to provide you with expertise and practical solutions.

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Reasons to Own a Standby Generator

Not sure if you need a generator at your home? Consider these questions:

Does your area experience heavy rain or severe storms?

Do you experience power outages more than three times a year?

Make sure the unit can keep your refrigerator running during the power outage to protect your perishables.

Do you experience lengthy blackouts, especially in the summer heat?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then your family or company may benefit from a standby generator to help avoid the inconveniences of lengthy blackouts

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Home Generator Installations and Expert Services

At Electric City, our expert electricians are always striving to ensure that you have the most reliable, efficient, customized, and safe electrical systems possible. Unfortunately, with the current condition of our unpredictable power grid and inclement weather, electrical systems need reliable backup systems.  That is why so many call the team at Electric City to install a reliable and safe generator system.

With over 50 years of combined experience in the electrical industry, our team of electricians have the knowledge needed to ensure that your home generator installation is customized to fulfill all of your critical needs. We install all types of generator systems to ensure maximum performance, comfort, and convenience. Our electricians guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our home generator services.

Electric City is an authorized Generac dealer. Why is that important?

Generac’s Specifications

You can rest assured your generator is installed in accordance to Generac’s specifications.  Generac requires all generator installs to be performed by an authorized Generac dealer. If your Generac generator is not installed correctly, your Generac warranty could be voided entirely.

Local Codes

choose Electric City so ensure your Generac generator will be installed according to local codes.  This is important in our area due to our potential for flooding.  If you are looking for a Generac generator install in Katy or surrounding area, we have installed hundreds of generators over the years.

Trained Technicians

As an authorized dealer, our electricians are retrained every 3 years so they know the required codes (safety) and standards for Generac installs.

Quality Work

As both an authorized Generac dealer and an expert electrician, we will work with you to find the best sized generator for your home and provide you with turn-key installation.  When we finish your installation, your generator will be 100% functional.


You can trust Electric City to install your generator.  Our customers are like family.

Lifetime Warranty

Electric City has the best warranty – lifetime!

Call Electric City today for all your home generator needs. Our courteous and polite staff is always here to assist you in any way that we can. We would be happy to answer any questions that you may have about your generator needs. Our staff can schedule your appointment today.

Installations and Services

Transfer switches are what make it possible to switch between generator power and power from your utility lines. Transfer switches play a major role in how your backup generator system works, and here at Electric City, we have several different options depending on whether you want your switch to operate manually or automatically.

  • Home Backup Transfer Switches – Home backup transfer switches are usually designed to switch power from your utility to your generator automatically when your system detects an outage. Additionally, these switches will switch back over to utility power automatically as well as soon as power is restored.
  • Portable Generator Transfer Switches – Portable generator transfer switches safely deliver the full power of your portable generator to your home’s electrical system. This means you’ll never have to run an extension cord from your generator to your individual appliances again.

Interlock kits are devices designed to allow the safe powering of a home by a portable or backup generator during a power outage. Using an interlock kit is generally a less-expensive alternative to having a dedicated transfer switch installed and might be a better option for some homeowners. In essence, an interlock kit creates a mechanical interference between your main breaker and your generator’s feedback breaker that prevents both from being turned on at the same time.  With an interlock system, there are options to have all your critical circuits pre-determined or you can pick and choose them based on your current need.

Essentially, a generator outlet is an electrical outlet for your entire home. This outlet serves as the gateway for power to flow into your home’s essential circuits from your connected portable generator. Here at Electric City, our skilled electricians can help with your generator outlet installation needs to ensure your home is prepared to safely take in power from your backup generator when the power goes out.

You and your family rely on your electrical system for your most important everyday tasks. Your electrical system provides you with comfort, convenience, and, most importantly, security. At Electric City, our electricians can help ensure that you and your family are always safe and comfortable.

During a storm, it is important to maintain electrical power in case of emergency. Through our home generator installation services, we can ensure that you and your family will always have reliable electricity when you need it. Our home generator services make sure that you will not have to go without power when you need it most.

At Electric City, we provide many options for home generator services. We understand that every family has unique needs, and we strive to customize our home generator services to you and your family. Our electricians install both portable and whole home generator systems. Our experts will assess your energy needs to provide you with necessary advice as to what size generator is required to meet your need. Our electricians can install and repair transfer switches that will automatically turn on your home generator if power ever goes out. No matter what your home generator needs are, our professional staff has the skill to completely satisfy you through quality services.

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Could You Benefit from a Portable Generator?

Need a generator but you have a limited budget too? No problem. Electric City can install the proper safety equipment so you can use your portable generator without running extension cords everywhere. When the power goes out, all you have to do is turn it on!

Benefits of having a portable generator

Costs less than a standby generator

You can take your generator with you if you move or need it elsewhere

Can run on natural gas or propane (or sometimes diesel)

Call Electric City Today

Make sure your whole house generator is fully functional before the next major storm hits. Call Electric City at 832-724-1781 for expert care and 24-hour electrical services in Katy, TX.