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Surge ProtectionLifetime Warranty on Everything We Do!
Surge ProtectionLifetime Warranty on Everything We Do!
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Whole House Surge Protector Services in Katy

Save yourself time, money, and worry by protecting your electronics with a whole house surge protector.

You invest a lot of money in the electronics in your home or business. From your television to computers, stereos, and more, it’s important to protect your investments with whole house surge protection. At Electric City, we proudly provide quality surge protection devices to the Katy, TX area.

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Protect Your House Against Surge Damage

When you invest money in electronics for your home or business, you want to make sure they are protected against surge damage. Installing a whole house surge protector can safeguard you against many risks. For example, lightning strikes can affect your home or business from up to a mile away. These strikes can put your property in jeopardy in more ways than one, as your homeowner’s insurance policy might not cover lightning damage. Additionally, your home or business’s energy output rises as temperatures increase, increasing the risk of surge damage. In fact, the average home can get hit with 20 energy spikes a day. Protecting your home or business against these risks can save you time, money, and worry in the future. You might also qualify for an insurance discount if you have a surge protector.

Surge Protectors vs Power Strips

A whole house surge protector is a device that gets wired directly to the electrical service box in your home and protects your home from external surges, like the surge of electricity generated when lightning strikes a nearby transformer.

If you want to avoid fires and damage to electronic devices all over your home, whole house surge protection is the best option. Most power surges actually come from inside your home. Every time your AC starts, every time the compressor starts on your refrigerator, a small surge is created and does damage slowly over time. You won’t notice the small surges unless you see your lights dim every time the AC starts to work. You will have to replace your computers, TVs, and appliances sooner than later. A whole home surge protector must be installed correctly so that it does not reach any of your electronic devices.

Power strip surge protectors aren’t designed to handle large power surges and may not be able to protect devices when a big external power surge hits.

A whole house surge protector doesn’t mean you don’t need the power strip surge protectors inside your house. Our technicians can install a variety of surge protection devices throughout homes to help keep valuable electronics safe.

Since a power surge can be generated from within or outside your home or from a lightning strike, a “layered” approach to surge protection via a surge strip AND a whole home surge protector is best. You can never be too careful. Be careful though. Not all power strips have surge protection!

Don’t count on a basic homeowner’s policy to cover all your electronic devices. You should have a conversation with your insurance agent to determine exactly what is covered in your current policy. Some companies offer optional coverage and others include this in the basic policy, it just depends. Be proactive and make sure you are aware of your coverage before a crisis happens.

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Parts of everyday life like heavy storms and large appliances, such as HVAC systems, can cause surges inside a home wiring system.

If you find you have more electronics and a greater vested interest in protecting them, or your property is located in an area with frequent power surges, a whole house surge protector could be the right investment to protect your entire home.

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