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BlogLifetime Warranty on Everything We Do!
BlogLifetime Warranty on Everything We Do!
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How To Protect the Home From the Dangers of Power Surges

Electricians in Katy, TX Share Important Information About Surge Protectors

Shield the Home and Its Appliances With a Whole House Surge Protector!

Power surges are perhaps the most misunderstood of all the electrical problems homeowners can face. They’re typically thought of as a very rare occurrence, brought about by lightning striking the power grid. While this is one form of a power surge, there are several other ways a power surge can occur, and they’re much more common than most homeowners think.

Some power surges come from external forces such as lightning, downed power lines, or sudden power restoration after a blackout. The most common power surges are from overloaded circuits, faulty wiring, or large appliances cycling on. No matter the source, power surges can be destructive and dangerous, so it’s vital to have a line of defense against them. That’s where a whole house surge protector comes in.

Why Power Surges Are So Dangerous


A very large power surge from a lightning strike or similar external force can send enough voltage throughout the home to essentially fry the electronics and appliances plugged into the home’s outlets, all in an instant. But even smaller surges that repeatedly occur (from an overloaded circuit, for instance) can do plenty of damage over time.

This is because the extra voltage can cause devices and their wiring to overheat, which can not only destroy the devices themselves but also lead to electrical fires in some cases. But even without the fire hazard, replacing expensive electronics like TVs, computers, and refrigerators is bad enough. And if any of the destroyed devices contained important documents or photos that haven’t been backed up, the loss can be devastating.

Whole House Surge Protector Benefits


There are a few ways homeowners can protect their electronics and appliances against power surges. They can avoid circuit overloads by keeping large appliances on their circuits and not plugging too many devices into one circuit. They can also have the home’s electrical system inspected for faults and damaged wiring that could lead to surges. These steps can help protect against internal power surges, but installing a whole-home surge protector is the best way to guard against both internal and external surges.

Whole-home surge protectors are inexpensive devices typically installed on the home’s main electrical panel and act as a buffer against power surges, essentially blocking the extra voltage from traveling to the home’s devices. This will prevent damage to electronics and appliances – no matter the source of the power surge – and help prevent electrical fires if the house has faulty or aging wiring.

Signs It’s Time for Surge Protector Replacement

Most whole-home surge protectors have about 2-5 years of life expectancy. This is because they essentially have a limit to how much voltage they can “absorb” before they are no longer effective. And unfortunately, once they’ve reached that limit, not only will the house be unprotected, but surge protector repair isn’t exactly viable – instead, due to their low cost, it’s typically better to simply replace them.

But there are a few cases where it might be a good idea to replace the device before the 2-year mark. If there have been lightning strikes nearby, if local construction has caused interruptions in power, or if there have been recent power outages in the area, it’s possible that the surge protector has already reached its limit and needs replacing. Fortunately, whole house surge protector replacement is typically an inexpensive and quick process!

About Electric City

Electric City is a local and family-owned business providing the residents of Katy, TX, and the surrounding areas with dependable electrical solutions since 2008. They offer same-day service, straightforward pricing, and 24-hour emergency service. Call them today for whole house surge protector services in Katy, TX.