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When an electrical emergency occurs at your home or business, you need help fast. Call us for 24-hour electrical services in the Fulshear, TX area.

Even minor electrical issues in your home or business can turn into dangerous situations. When you encounter an electrical problem, from needing GFCI outlets installed to needing a generator replaced, call Electric City. We provide fast, dependable and on-time service to repair your electrical emergency as soon as possible.

We offer the following electrical services - and more - to your area:

  • 24-Hour Services
  • ARC Protection
  • GFCI Protection
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Whole House Generator Services
  • Electrical Panels
  • Wiring Repair & Replacement
  • Indoor Lighting
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Ceiling Fans & Chandeliers

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What to Do in Case of Electrical Shock

Some electrical issues can cause electrical shock if you or someone else comes into contact with electricity. Frayed wires, damaged cords and faulty outlets can cause these issues to happen. If electrical shock occurs, you should take these steps to deal with the emergency:

  • Shut off the power supply: The first thing to do is to turn off the power as soon as you can. If you are not close enough to the source of the electricity, then it’s important to at least cut the contact between the person and the electrical source if you’re able to safely do so with a piece of wood or PVC piping.
  • Don’t make contact with the person with electric shock: Do not touch a person who is in direct contact with electricity.
  • Call 911: Call emergency services for assistance in helping the person being shocked. If needed, you may need to administer CPR. If you are not trained, a 911 dispatcher should be able to instruct you while you wait for emergency personnel to arrive.

Common Problems with GFCI Outlets

To keep your household safe, it’s important to install GFCI outlets in areas where water is present. These outlets can help protect you from electrocution, so it’s important to keep them fully functioning at all times. If you notice any of the following issues, it’s important to have them repaired by an electrical contractor to restore safety to your property:

  • Aging: If your outlet is getting older, or if you’re noticing that it trips more than usual, it can be a sign of wear and tear. Have an electrician inspect the outlets to determine if they need to be replaced.
  • Wiring issues: If you start to experience issues with a newer GFCI outlet, it could be due to a problem with the black and white wires in the outlet. A contractor can inspect and diagnose the issue.
  • Bad circuit: If your GFCI outlets are connected, if one trips then they will all trip. To determine how they are connected, a professional should inspect the outlets and make any necessary changes.

When you need electrical repairs, focus on restoring safety to your home or business and not the bill. Learn about our financing options.

3 Signs Your Whole House Generator Needs Repairs

To ensure your generator works when you need it most, it’s important to be able to identify what repairs are needed before they cause the whole generator to malfunction completely.

These three signs can indicate you need repairs:

  • Worn electrical components: If the wires, buttons or other electrical components show signs of damage, they should be repaired by a professional. Frayed wires and loose connectors can cause risks to your system and your household.
  • Leaks: If you notice oil, fuel or coolant leaking from your unit you should call a professional to find the source and repair it.
  • Trouble starting: If your unit doesn’t start up shortly after a power outage it should be inspected by an electrician to determine why. It can be due to a battery issue, or something more serious like a problem with the engine.

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Carry J.

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Fulshear, TX - Replaced a GFCI receptacle in Firethorne, Katy, Texas.
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Carry J.

Checking a possible surge in Fulshear, Texas

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Fulshear, TX - Checking a possible surge in Fulshear, Texas
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Carry J.

Troubleshooting a sign for First National Bank in Fulshear, Texas.

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