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For your family’s safety it’s important to repair electrical issues as soon as possible. Call us for 24-hour emergency repairs in Mission Bend, TX.

When electrical issues strike, you need to repair them quickly to prevent larger problems and risks, like fire hazards. To keep your family safe, it’s important to contact an electrical contractor at the first signs of trouble. Call Electric City for 24-hour emergency services. Our expert electricians provide fast, dependable and on-time services to the Mission Bend area.

We offer the following electrical services - and more - to your area:

  • 24-hour Services
  • Whole House Generator Services
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Electrical Panels
  • Wiring Repair & Replacement
  • ARC Protection
  • GFCI Protection
  • Ceiling Fans & Chandeliers
  • Indoor Lighting
  • Outdoor Lighting

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What to Do During a Power Outage

Power outages may seem like routine electrical issues, but these electrical emergencies can require quick action by you and an electrician. When you find yourself in the middle of an unexpected power outage, take these steps:

  • See if the rest of your neighborhood has also lost power. If it has, call your utility provider to report the issue.
  • If the utility company can’t provide you with an estimated time frame for restoring power, try to keep your perishables from spoiling by avoiding opening the refrigerator and freezer as much as possible.
  • If the issue is due to a fallen power line, make sure you and your family stay far away from it.
  • If the outage is only in your home or business, check to see if any of your circuit breakers tripped. If you can reset them, you should do so. Otherwise, wait for an electrician to perform the task.
  • Turn off any unnecessary appliances and electronics until power is restored. This will help prevent your circuit breaker from tripping when the power comes back on.

Why it’s Important to Install GFCI Outlets in Your Home or Business

Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets are now required in homes and commercial properties. These outlets should be installed in areas where there’s an increased risk of shock due to water or other electrical hazards. If they sense an imbalance, they will turn off the electrical circuit to protect you from electrocution.

You should install GFCI outlets in the following areas of your home or business:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry and utility rooms
  • Garages
  • Crawlspaces and unfinished basements
  • Wet bars
  • Spa and pool areas

Electrical repairs can’t always wait until they fit into your budget. Ask us about our financing options.

Symptoms that Indicate You Need to Replace Your Generator

Whole house generators are key to keeping your family and your home or business safe in the event of a blackout. That’s why when your generator starts to malfunction, it’s important to replace it before it fails.

Some signs to watch for that can indicate you need a new unit installed can include:

  • Doesn’t start right away. If functioning properly, your unit should turn on automatically when your property loses power. If there’s a longer delay than usual, you should have your unit inspected.
  • It’s using more fuel than usual. If your unit starts to require more fuel to operate it can indicate the unit is losing efficiency.
  • Your appliances aren’t working properly. If you notice an interruption in the flow of electricity to your home or business, which can be seen by flickering lights or appliances that turn on and off, it can signal your unit isn’t functioning as it should.
  • It needs frequent repairs. If your system needs multiple repairs, it can be more cost-effective to replace it.
  • It’s emitting carbon monoxide. One of the most dangerous risks with your unit is if it starts to emit too much carbon monoxide. This can pose serious health risks to your household and the unit should be replaced immediately.

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