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BlogLifetime Warranty on Everything We Do!

Eco-Friendly Power at the White House

Electricians in Katy celebrate President’s Day by Sharing Facts About Electricity at the White House.

History of Electricity in the Executive Mansion

Construction of The White House was completed in 1800 after several years. With the exception of George Washington, all of the nation’s presidents have called it their residence. To keep a building that is 220 years old up-to-date and safe has taken numerous improvement projects over the centuries.

When the White House was built, no modern technology existed that made the leader of the Executive Branch’s job easier. Nights were dark, and summers were hot. As technology improved, utilities like plumbing, electricity, heating, and cooling were added to the structure. This year, take a second to learn more about the White House’s electrical service for President’s Day with local electrical contractors.

The First Power at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave

white house

During the years after the first light bulb was invented, several companies vied for the privilege of lighting up the cities in the US. The first major city to be lit was Manhattan. The development of the new electrical technology was slow and hampered by enemy companies. It wasn’t until 1891, a full ten years after grid-scale electricity began being installed, that President Harrison agreed to have lighting installed in the White House.

Service was limited, and the President and his wife were too afraid to operate the switches. They made the White House staff (previously responsible for keeping lamps and candles burning) operate the switches for them, out of fear of electrocution.

With electricity installed, it was only a matter of time before the new technology allowed the installation of more appliances. The Coolidge administration had the first refrigerator installed in 1926 to keep food fresh. It wasn’t until 1933 that the first air conditioner was installed.

Renewable Energy at the White House

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The 1970s saw the birth of the environmentalist movement in the US. From then on, there would always be pressure on the president to push forward with energy-saving initiatives. President Johnson was the first president to have green initiatives. He was known for walking around the White House and turning off lights to keep the electric bill low. He is, ironically enough, also known for sleeping under an electric blanket because he ran the air conditioners so much.

President Carter installed the first solar panels on the White House roof. The panels were used to preheat water for washing for the grounds crew. President Reagan, possibly to make a statement, had the panels removed during roof repairs but never reinstalled. Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama both had more solar panels installed on the White House roof to heat water for the spa and offset the power usage equal to one average American home.

Green Building Upgrades to the White House

President Clinton did the most for green upgrades to the White House. During his administration, he earmarked money to make the building more efficient. Among the projects were window upgrades, energy-efficient AC systems, and switching light bulbs from incandescents to CFLs. The following two presidents, George Bush and Barrack Obama, also did their part to make 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue more eco friendly with solar panels and more energy-efficient lighting.

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