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BlogLifetime Warranty on Everything We Do!
BlogLifetime Warranty on Everything We Do!

Holidays Stress Out Breaker Panels: Here’s How To Help It

When It Comes To Breaker Panels, There’s a Lot of Information Katy, TX Professionals Want Homeowners To Know!

Get the Home Ready for the Holidays Starting With the Breaker Panel

It might not seem like it, but the breaker panel is arguably the heart of the house. This is because homeowners rely on electricity for nearly everything in the household. If the home’s electrical panel is sufficient for the homeowner’s energy needs, they will notice some effects. Maybe some lights start to flicker, or the breaker panel itself feels hot to the touch. There are many reasons that homeowners might need a breaker panel repaired or replaced, but they’ll learn more about this below.

First and foremost, homeowners need to know what a breaker panel is and what it does – continue reading to learn more.

Breaker Panel: What Is It Anyway?

The electrical system within a home might seem complicated at first, but only three components make up the entire system.

These three components include:

  • The electrical company
  • The wiring system
  • The breaker panel

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The breaker panel plays a significant role in the overall electrical system within the home. Essentially, the panel is the messenger. It takes the electricity sent to the home from the electrical company and disperses it throughout the home via the wiring system. That said, it is crucial to have a breaker panel that can handle the amount of energy the home needs every month. Homeowners might have to talk to a local professional to learn what size breaker panel is right for their electrical needs.

Common Signs It’s Time To Repair the Breaker Panel

Just like any other part of the home, the breaker panel is likely to need a few repairs from time to time. When breaker panels get older, they tend to need more repairs than newer breaker panels.

Some of the common signs homeowners need to repair their breaker panel are:

  • It starts making unusual noises
  • It feels hot to the touch
  • The wall behind it is black
  • Start smelling something burning
  • The breaker keeps tripping
  • The lights in the home flicker
  • The breaker panel is old

How To Know When the Breaker Panel Needs Replacement


All that said, there are also a few signs in particular that point to the breaker panel needing to be replaced. Sometimes, the damage is too much and it is just better to replace it entirely. One of the most common reasons to replace a breaker panel, though, is simply the fact that it’s old and doesn’t work as well as it used to.

There are also a few other important reasons that point to the breaker panel needing to be replaced. These reasons include:

  • The breaker panel always seems to have something wrong with it
  • Seems to lack the number of outlets needed
  • The panel is showing signs of being overworked
  • The breaker panel has rust on it
  • The breaker panel is at the end of its lifespan


When homeowners notice any one of these signs, they should call a professional right away. Electrical work can become dangerous in a matter of minutes, so it is important to always have a professional involved before making any drastic changes.

Electric City Keeps Families Safe

When it comes to the home’s breaker panel, it is important to hire professionals homeowners can trust. At Electric City, that is exactly what customers get. These pros work hard to ensure their customers are always safe and satisfied, and that their electrical system is working efficiently. Call today to schedule expert breaker panel services!