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BlogLifetime Warranty on Everything We Do!
BlogLifetime Warranty on Everything We Do!
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Give Your Summer Cookouts the Perfect Backyard Atmosphere

Electricians in Katy, TX, Share Tips on the Perfect Outdoor Lighting

Get Your Backyard Ready for Summer Fun!

There’s nothing quite like a nice backyard get-together to take advantage of a nice summer night. Whether it’s with a few close friends or a full-on party, it can be an excellent way to enjoy the company of others and show off the yard all at once. But before sending out invitations or texting friends, it’s a good idea to get the backyard lighting set up. Not only can lighting transform the yard and add ambiance, but it’s essential to keep everyone safe.

Luckily, there are plenty of options when it comes to backyard lighting. Read on to find out the best lights for the best uses.

Floodlights Have Many Uses


Floodlights are great for providing illumination. Many homeowners use floodlights as security lights. They’re attached to a motion sensor that brings these lights up when anything moves within range. While this is a great use for them, floodlights have many other uses.

No one wants to blind their guests with bright floodlights that are set near eye-level. But floodlights can be used to create brilliant nighttime illumination that will add some style and flair to the yard. For example, floodlights pointed up a textured wall or fence can create shadows that add to the surrounding landscape. Placing them behind a tree or a bush can create a silhouette effect. Or, placing them in front of the tree can create shadows behind them. All these are excellent ideas to add a little something to the yard.

Landscape Lighting To Show Off the Yard

It’s also a good idea to install some more subtle lighting to show off the yard. One of the most common ways this is done is with pathway lights. These come in nearly endless styles and varying brightness. They can keep guests where you want them and prevent them from venturing into parts of the yard like the garden or a decorative pond.

Other landscape lighting options include well lights, which sit flat in the ground and provide illumination straight into the air. These are ideal for setting next to tall trees to give the tunks illumination and provide ambient lighting.

Sting Lights Add Great Ambiance

string light

Another way to create a relaxing or energizing mood is by installing string lights. Like pathway lights, these come in many different styles. While the white ones are most popular, many homeowners go with multicolored lights. They are also available in nearly any color. Blues and greens are popular, and reds can be used sparingly to give certain areas of the yard a little color.

Most string lights available today are made with LEDs, which use little energy and are more durable than incandescent lights. In addition to coming in varying colors, string lights can also be bought with different modes. Twinkling and blinking are both popular. Some even come with a flickering effect, imitating the way candle flames flicker in a soft breeze. No matter the atmosphere one wants to create, these lighting options can do the job.

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