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BlogLifetime Warranty on Everything We Do!
BlogLifetime Warranty on Everything We Do!
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Home Electrical Improvements Everyone Should Make in 2022

Electricians in Katy, TX Provide Electrical Safety Tips for Homeowners

3 Ways Homeowners Can Improve Their Electrical Systems This Year

As homeowners get started on all those home improvement projects, they swore they’d tackle this year, there’s one item that too often gets overlooked – the electrical system. Although many people don’t realize it, a home’s electrical system requires its fair share of maintenance and upkeep to function properly over the long term.

Wiring and other components get worn or damaged over time, safety standards and codes change, equipment grows outdated, and improper usage opens the door for electrical hazards. So here are three pro tips to help homeowners keep their electrical systems safe and up to date in 2022!

Prevent Circuit Overloads

A circuit overload occurs when the devices plugged into a given circuit draw more power than the circuit is designed to handle. This usually results in a tripped breaker, but in some cases, it can cause wiring or outlets to heat up before the breaker can trip, creating a major fire hazard and potentially damaging electronics.

Aside from tripped breakers or blown fuses, signs of an overloaded circuit include dimming or flickering lights, strange sounds or smoke coming from light switches and outlets, and switches or outlets that are warm to the touch.

To avoid overloading circuits, homeowners can spread their devices across multiple circuits – especially those that require more power, such as microwaves and space heaters. Overburdened power strips are a common cause of overloads, so it pays to be mindful of how many devices are plugged into a strip, and the power usage of each device. It also helps to know which outlets are on which circuits – this isn’t always intuitive, so it may be a good idea to enlist the help of an electrician to map out each circuit and even install new circuits if need be.

Schedule an Inspection of Wiring and Outlets


One of the best things anyone can do for their home is to hire a professional to perform an electrical safety inspection. Such inspections are usually a prerequisite for selling a home or taking out a new insurance policy. Still, it’s a good idea to have it done periodically for multiple reasons – especially for those living in older homes.

A thorough inspection will reveal potential electrical hazards the home may have. Without regular inspections, these hazards often go undetected until it’s too late. A trained electrician can spot areas where electrical efficiency can be improved, allowing homeowners to cut energy costs. Routine electrical inspections are the only way to ensure the home complies with national and local electrical codes.

Replace Damaged or Outdated Wires

In many homes – especially older ones – an electrical inspection may reveal old or damaged components. After all, as mentioned above, electrical systems are not immune to wear and tear. Frayed wires, deteriorated wire casings, loose contact terminals, and obsolete equipment are just a few common problems that plague aging electrical systems.

Even in newer homes, things like stray nails, nibbling rodents, or amateur electrical repairs can create all sorts of hazards that all too often result in electric shock or devastating house fires. So, it’s imperative to repair or replace any outdated or damaged electrical components as soon as possible. And for the sake of safety and peace of mind, whether it’s an outlet replacement or a whole home rewiring, this kind of home improvement project is best left to a licensed and insured electrical service company!

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