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BlogLifetime Warranty on Everything We Do!

Light Switch Issues Spark Trouble at Home

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Common Light Switch Problems and How To Fix Them

Flickering lights can be spooky on Halloween, but they aren’t something that homeowners should be experiencing every day. But flickering lights and other lighting issues are common. Sometimes it just turns out to be a loose bulb that needs tightening or a burnt-out bulb that needs replacement. Other times, it’s a sign that something is wrong with the electrical system or the light switches in the house.

In this article, homeowners can learn more about the most common light switch problems.

Fixture Problems From Broken Switches

light fixtures hanging off the wall

Whether the light fixtures are flickering, dimming or behaving in some other unusual way, these problems are common. Light bulbs will always eventually burn out. But if a homeowner changes it out and is still having the same problem, there’s something else going on.

Sometimes it’s an issue with the electrical panel. There could be corrosion on the panel or a breaker that is malfunctioning. The light fixture problem could also come from a wiring issue in the house or a broken connection. Or the problem could be rooted in something as simple as a loose or faulty light switch.

One of the best things homeowners can do is to use the process of elimination. If the lights are flickering, change out the bulb. If the problem isn’t resolved, check the electrical panel. If everything seems to be okay there, check the light switches. And if the root of the problem still can’t be found, it’s time to bring in an electrician.

Signs of a Broken Connection

someone hearing the buzz of a broken conection

A broken wiring connection is one of the biggest causes of lighting problems, and there are all sorts of reasons it can happen. If the home is older, the wires are also older and can fray over time. If there was flooding in the home or other storm damage, it could impact the wire connection. Even rodents can be a cause of electrical damage to the house because they can chew through the wires.

Sometimes homeowners will hear a snapping or buzzing sound when the connection breaks, smell a burning odor in the room or notice that the wall is warmer than it usually is. Broken wiring can end up being a huge fire hazard. When any of these signs start to appear, it’s time to bring in an electrician to resolve the problem.

Identifying a Loose Toggle

In addition to broken wiring connections, loose light switch toggles are also a common electrical problem. If a homeowner touches the toggle and it starts to move back and forth a bit, it’s safe to say the toggle is no longer in place. When it shifts back and forth like that, it might seem harmless, but can actually pose some dangerous health risks.

light fixtures hanging off a wall

The extra movement can quickly wear down the wiring behind the switch, causing it to become easily frayed or damaged. It also allows for electricity to travel from the wires to the switch without proper grounding, resulting in electrical shocks or fatal electrocution.

Even though it may sound like a simple problem to fix, it’s always best to contact an electrician for these problems to prevent accidental damage to the electrical system.

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